Certificate of Being Alive

A certificate of being alive is a certificate produced by a trusted entity to confirm that an individual was alive at the time of its creation. Governments, pension and insurance companies, and other bodies may need to require such documents periodically in order that they do not overpay annuities and pensions. It also may be required by reason of a long absence of a citizen from his place of permanent residence.

The certificate of being alive is issued in the presence of documents, proving the identity, such as a passport, foreign passport, etc.

Reasons for issuing a certificate of being alive:
  • suspension of payment of insurance payments and compensation determined by law;
  • termination of payment of pensions and benefits to citizens who temporarily left the country;
  • failure to comply with the terms of annuity and lifelong maintenance agreements – failure to credit the amount specified in the agreement as a monthly obligatory payment;
  • recognition of a citizen as dead.

You can apply for a certificate by visiting a lawyer’s office in person or at home. The second option is for people with disabilities and issues of temporary movement. The lawyer must be able to identify the person by the passport or ID.

Required document data:
  • reason for document issue
  • the full date and place of document issue – the address of the office, home, hospital, or any other place where the personal identity procedure is carried out;
  • data of the lawyers and lawyer’s office;
  • personal data of the citizen — full name, passport details, full registration address;
  • identity assurance, exact time;
  • seal and signature.

Our office provides a service for issuing certificates of being alive as soon as possible, including home visits.

We will also advise you on providing a certificate to the public authorities or institutions, challenging the declaration of death, etc.

If necessary, we can arrange for a translation of documents into a foreign language with the features of legislation of one or another country.

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